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Smoke filled rooms with players sitting around poker tables and gambling the night away seem to be a vision of the past, at least in New Jersey, where new laws are limiting the amount of smoking on casino gambling floors.

There has been mixed reviews over the new law at casinos, some patrons say they will attend the casinos more frequently now that smoke is absent, and others claim they will no longer to show up when the new law goes into affect.

The casinos themselves are having to invest huge amounts of money to construct private rooms for smokers to go and have a cigarette. Harrah’s Entertainment Inc., the owner of four casinos in Atlantic City, is preparing to spend $7 million for these smoking lounges.

Trump Entertainment Resorts also has three casinos in New Jersey, and they have similar plans as Harrah’s, to build smoking lounges where smoking will be permitted.

Resorts Atlantic City and the Atlantic City Hilton Casino have come up with a plan for smoking lounges also, however, these smoking rooms will contain one table games area and one slots area within the smoking lounge.

The absence of smoking in casinos is a growing trend as several other casinos around the country have also gone smoke free. Most casinos are having their hands forced by government, who continues to make smoking in public places harder and harder.

Problem Gamblers Could Benefit From Health Supplement

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Gambling is an addiction, and like most other addictions, there are many different ways to treat the addiction, now there might be a healthy way, as researchers have suggested that a health food supplement could actually curb the urge to gamble.

There has been a recent study done by the University of Minnesota, and although it was a small study, it provided enough information to allow for a further look into the effects that a health food supplement helped lighten urges for gamblers.

Dr. John Grant was the lead scientist on the study and he believes that while much more research needs to be done, there is a correlation to the supplement helping with addictions. He was quick to point out that the supplement, N-acetyl, has been used on animals studies to help curb craving for cocaine. He later said that such addictions as cocaine are believed to involve the same circuitry in the brain.

In Grant’s study, he tested 27 gambling addicts, and supplied them with up to 1800 milligrams of the supplement. Sixteen of those people tested reported that there was a benefit. Grant said, “they gambled less, and their urges were less.”

While it was a small sample, the outcome does give hope that alternative methods could exist for problem gamblers outside of just the basic psychological therapy.

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